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Welcome to the historic web site for the Puget Sound area's
BOLD events - last in 2008

BOLD was a small group of (mostly) women in the Puget Sound area, who joined with others around the world in September 2006, 2007 and 2008 in performing the play, Birth, by Karen Brody and organizing local BOLD Red Tents for sharing birth stories.

Brody wrote Birth after interviewing 118 women across America about their birth stories. The play tells the story of eight of those women, representing the spectrum of experience among low-risk, educated, birthing women in the US today. Each performance is followed by a talk-back, giving audience members a chance to discuss pertinent issues from the play.

For more details on the play and the national event, please visit the national BOLD web site at www.birththeplay.org Watch for the 2006 Seattle cast with BOLD women around the world in this inspiring short film about BOLD:


In 2006, we participated in BOLD with one sold-out Seattle performance; but in 2007, year we took Birth out into the community--Everett, Edmonds, Green Lake, Rainier Valley, West Seattle, Vashon Island, and Tacoma! We were also grateful for the opportunity to take Birth to the Washington Corrections Center for Women, where we were well received. We continued to be BOLD in 2008, when we presented Birth at the Broadway Performance Hall on Capitol Hill in Seattle, on Vashon Island, in Tacoma and in Olympia at Evergreen State College

In 2007, our Gala Opening Night event at the Edmonds Center for the Arts with guest performer Penny Simkin was one of our most memorable BOLD events. Everyone was amazed by Penny's performance.

Penny wrote to members of the production the next day, "My routine seems a little mundane after the past couple of weeks and especially, after last night. What a thrill! Thanks to you for giving me a taste of the "acting life," but mostly for your kindness and support to me and your moving performances last night. I deeply appreciate that all of you are helping to open the eyes of the public to the fact that the birth day is not "just another day in a woman's life." How a woman gives birth matters -- deeply and permanently -- to her, her child and to her family. She remembers the experience for all her life -- not only what happened, but also how she felt and how she was cared for. You illustrate that perfectly as you enact the stories. Your efforts will help your audiences make choices that will provide them with the care that they want and deserve, and that will result in more fulfilling memories of their births."






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