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Jennessa Richert-West is thrilled to be performing with Puget Sound BOLD in this production of Birth. She is the proud mama of five-month-old Ronin Leo West.

Jennessa is the Artistic Director of Bad Monkey Productions and the Director of Development for ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery. She was last seen performing at the Chamber Theater as Beth in Blue Surge. Other favorite roles include: Rosannah in Brilliant Traces with the Santa Monica Theater Group and Savannah Day in Crescendo Falls with Theater Schmeater. Some of her favorite film credits include: Soup with Peek Productions, Brett Gets the Bread with 3M, Veritas with McConnell Productions (Cannes Film Festival Short Film Nominee), and as dancer number three in a strange MTV Asia music video.

When not giving birth, Jennessa enjoys being with her friends and family, performing, and cooking. Special thanks to Rob for all his love and support, to her parents, and to every mother out there. Thank you to all of those who helped make Birth possible.

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