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As an actress, an activist, and mother, Judah Joy Easley is thrilled and honored to be a part of BOLD for the third year.  She firmly believes that empowering and honoring mothers and their babies in the birth journey could have a profound impact on society and the world.  

In another endeavor dear to her heart, she is a co-founder of the Freehold Studio residency theatre program at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, now in its fifith year, a project which guides the women through creating and performing an original play from their own writing about their personal experiences.

Joy's birth experience, at 60 hours long, had it all, starting with relaxing labor at home to intense yet beautiful labor at Puget Sound Birth Center with her incredible midwives, her husband, her mother, and her sister/doula, and ending at the hospital with all that she sought to avoid: epidural, pitocin, and ultimately a c-section.  She is glad that her character Sandy's story this year also includes her hospital stay after the birth, which, for Joy, was the worst part of it all and is an aspect of the birth experience that is often not adequately addressed in the books and classes.  Joy's birth experience taught her about her strength, her endurance, and the power that all women share.  Next time, she plans to have a VBAC at home, Goddess-willing!  

She would like to thank her three-year-old son, Gabriel, and her steadfastly supportive husband, Eric, for allowing her to steal precious time away from them to pursue her third greatest passion, acting.


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