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Pearl started acting at the age of 39 in "The Vagina Monologues." Until then, she was a college English instructor and poet; now she is an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and video editor. Favorite projects include directing The Woolgatherer last fall at the NewSpace Theater; acting in How I Learned to Drive (Mother), Sorry, Wrong Number (Mrs. Stevenson) and The Beaux Stratagem (Gibbet); and co-creating a short film, Chenille DuBois, about the 15th anniversary celebration of the smallest strip club West of the Cascades. She just finished acting in a full-length science fiction film, Vital Force, in which she claims to play the title role.
She has two children, Leo and Mara. Their births taught her two lessons: 1) control is an illusion, and while you can plan you want about your labor, your body and the baby's will do what they will, however they will; and 2) she will never judge another woman's birth choices. She is grateful for the loving support of her sister Amanda and sister-in-law Karen, and the professional care of Marge, Suzy, Barbara, Molly, Lisa, and Paige during her labors. Her husband, Steve, deserves the biggest thanks of all for making her a mother, helping her become the woman she is today, and for standing patiently by while she explores and experiments.

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